ou can define "young" company that has medieval roots? We say so!

The Company St. Benedict is its small size and small-scale production, the ability to offer a product with ancient roots working with modern technologies that respect the characteristics of the local vineyards.

In recent years, the company has launched a technical evolution with the introduction in the basement of new and modern equipment suitable for gentle processing of the product.

Every year the goal is to get the harvest healthy grapes with the right degree of ripeness because the "good wine is made in the vineyard."
The Ligurian climate mild and windy, and the influence of the breeze contribute to vineyard management methods with low environmental impact and energy.


From 2013 the company is certified by the Green Economy Chamber of Commerce of Imperia to focus on the management of operations in the vineyard and carefully to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

In this traditional cultivation of typical Ligurian Vermentino on limestone-clay gives rise to very limited production of grapes with qualitative characteristics of particular value giving white wines dry and vigorous by the particular characteristics of the terroir.

In recent years the cultivation of Vermentino was joined by that of Granaccia or Alicante, historical varieties of black grape of Spanish origin and imported into the middle of the '700 from neighboring France to which the soils of the area lend particular characteristics.

And the story continues ...