The careful selection of the grapes and the lay of the land allows us to produce a limited but high quality:

Soil: clay calacarei
Exposure: the prevailing south-east.
Distance to sea: 1.5 km Minimum Maximum 3 km away. Constant exposure to the sea breeze
Altitude: between 0 and 90 m asl
Planted area: 0,8 ha

Planted varietals: Vermentino, granaccia (Alicante)
Maximum output: Vermentino 110 tonnes/ha, granaccia 90 tonnes/ha

Wine obtained from the vinification of white grapes of Vermentino grown in the hinterland of Imperia.
Pale yellow color with golden hues, herbaceous aroma, the palate is dry, crisp, balanced and slightly fruity.
It goes well with fish and shellfish and the typical Ligurian vegetable appetizers.

Wine made from the fermentation of grapes in its Granaccia (Alicante).
Ruby red color, fresh and harmonious on the palate, with a pleasant dry taste. It finds its natural fit not only with the first and second courses of meat and vegetables but also fish and shellfish in the oven.